Milianat Homeopathic Pellets

Milianat Homeopathic Pellets


Milianat is chiefly aimed at miliary dermatitis also known as ‘scabby cat disease,’ ‘feline eczema,’ and ‘blotch.’. It helps relieve skin reactions caused by flea allergies. It is also used for calming down frustration accompanied by self-mutilating licking (granulomas.)


Milianat is effective on the skin and also helps control behaviour problems.

Its effects on the skin include the following:

  • reduces skin discomfort and intense skin itch.
  • helps control local edema and weeping skin outbreaks.
  • promotes healing of lesions and helps fur grow back normally.

Milianat exerts a dual effect on behaviour by:

  • enhancing the feeling of well-being in the patient.
  • helping prevent further acts of self-mutilation.


Besides eradicating fleas when needed, Milianat complex can be administered according to the improvement with regard to the skin.

In the beginning, 3 pellets should be administered 3 times a day. Then, judging by the reduction in the skin’s symptoms, doses can gradually be decreased to 3 pellets once a day for a few weeks.


Tube of 80 pellets.

NOTE: Homeopathic pellets are NOT meant as a substitute for emergency veterinary care when your pet is badly wounded, vomiting, bleeding, has diarrhea, not eating/drinking etc.

Price: $12.95