Arthronat Homeopathic Pellets

Arthronat Homeopathic Pellets


Arthronat is mostly indicated for patients with chronic arthritis. It has proven useful – especially in older patients – for controlling osteoporosis, hip dysplasia, spondylitis, knee and shoulder arthritis, etc.


Arthronat helps in several ways by:

  • reducing the pain and inflammation in the serous membranes of joints and damaged periosteum.
  • relaxing periarticular ligaments.
  • helping resolve cartilage calcium build-ups.
  • promoting greater bone density.
  • stimulating muscle tissue development and enhancing muscle tone.
  • stimulating the general metabolism of the patient.


When treating an older arthritic patient, start with Arthronat 3 pellets, or 10 drops, 3 times a day. Gradually decrease dosage to only once a day.

When arthritis is aggravated, for instance during wet weather or after strenuous exercise, it is best to use the complex every 2 hours at first, then reduce the frequency.

When anticipating intense activity, for instance when guests are expected or when planning a day out in the country, doses should be increased during the most active period.


Tube of 80 pellets.

NOTE: Homeopathic pellets are NOT meant as a substitute for emergency veterinary care when your pet is badly wounded, vomiting, bleeding, has diarrhea, not eating/drinking etc.

Price: $12.95