Abcenat Homeopathic Pellets

Abcenat Homeopathic Pellets


ABCENAT helps resolve abscesses as they form, helps newly-formed ones disappear and speeds the resolution of older, necrotic ones. It is also useful in treating other purulent lesions, internal or external.


ABCENAT stimulates the patient’s resistance to infections while tempering localized pain and systemic reactions (e.g. fever). It also helps wounded tissues heal faster.

In acute cases, it also prevents abscesses from settling in following serious events like insect stings or bite wounds.
ABCENAT helps block the evolution of forming abscesses and speeds up the healing process of affected tissues after drainage.

In chronic cases it:

  • enhances the patient’s natural resistance.
  • helps necrotic tissues regenerate.
  • promotes healthy tissue growth.


Frequent doses of ABCENAT are recommended in acute cases:

  • First, administer 3 pellets every 2 hours.
  • At first signs of improvement, reduce to 3 doses a day for one week.

In chronic cases with old necrotic abscesses, administer 3 pellets 3 times a day throughout the healing period.

NOTE: Homeopathic pellets are NOT meant as a substitute for emergency veterinary care when your pet is badly wounded, vomiting, bleeding, has diarrhea, not eating/drinking etc.

Price: $12.95