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Tip – 31 – Dog has ear mites – cat has ear mites – itchy ears

If your cat or dog is scratching a lot around the ear or neck, along with repeated head shaking, and a possible bad smell coming from the ear(s), a common cause might be ear mites. Ear mites are tiny parasites …

Kerri Braid
Province, Country:
MB, Canada
Date of Birth:
August 15 1991
Date of Death
April 3 2003
Not Provided
Coat Colour:
Torti Tabb
Eye Colour:


Smokey was found as a kitten homeless. She  was the greatest cat anyone could ever ask for. She was always so lovable. We have gotten so many great memories of her being part of our family. She was a friend, companion and most of all a dear member of our family. You will be missed terribly and your suffering has finally come to an end. I am so sorry I could not have done more for you, I tried everything that I could to try and give you a second chance, but your body and organs decided otherwise.

We love you oh so much and are going to miss you tremendously. May you now rest in peace till we meet again…. I love you sweet baby girl.

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