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Black Cats – Pet tip 170

You are walking down the street and a black cat crosses your path. What do you do? Whether you dismiss it or not, many people think of it as some kind of a bad omen. Black cats and bad luck is a superstition that has lived on even in modern society. Past events, and present misconceptions of these cats keep this unfortunate stereotype alive.

Black is a colour that often brings an emotional response. What do you think of when you imagine this colour? Night, darkness, boring, no colour, dark, evil, scary are all common (and generally negative) words to describe black. This negative connotation of the colour black also applies to black cats. The portrait of the black cat as an omen of bad luck began with accusations of witchcraft and witch-hunts many years ago. It was believed that black cats had magical powers that allowed them to transform themselves into witches.

Jonathan Humphrey
Province, Country:
ON, Canada
Date of Birth:
7 months
Coat Colour:
Eye Colour:

Ezra has a unique
personality. He is very loving yet mischievous. He chirps when he longs
for affection and purrs very loudly while being petted. Ezra is not
one of those cats who endlessly licks you while enjoying your affection
either he thinks the simple loud purr is enough and it is. He is continuously
getting himself into trouble. He is constantly breaking things and is
very clumsy. Much like his owner. His favorite toy has to be our other
cat Ares who also has a site here at Ezra looks up to Ares
as a parental figure, but is quickly outgrowing him and the playfight
sparring matches they have are lasting a little longer and are a little
more animated. After the fistacuffs though they enjoy one anothers company
by curling up together in the sweetest poses and clean each other for
hours. Ezra also enjoys watching television at least the movement on
the screen. He doesn't get to close though. His favorite spot for viewing
his favorite prime time shows is with his behind on the back of our
couch and his front paws and head rested against my shoulder and neck.
He is quite special.

Special Friend:

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