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Tracy and David Gardiner
Port colborne
Province, Country:
ON, Canada
Golden Retriever
Date of Birth:
Dec. 2000
Coat Colour:
Eye Colour:
chocolate brown

Perry here.  I came to live with my family after another family decided I was too much work when I was only 4 months old.  I am a perfect pet and I am loved to pieces by my mom and dad.  I am good looking and I know it.  I love to give kisses and I like to get on my mom and dad's laps, even though I have a hard time fitting on them.  My favourite thing to do is play with the water hose.  I also love to play with the sprinkler.  I could do that for hours.  My mom and dad like to show their friends just how silly I can be around a sprinkler.  I am very smart, and I love to go for walks.  I am afraid of stairs that are inside, but not of ones that are outside for some reason.  My doggie brother, Duke and I like to play tug of war with anything.  I like to steal his toys and run with them.  He can still kick my butt, though but not for much longer. He's almost an old fart.  I like to chase him until he falls down from exhaustion on the ground and then wrestle with him.  We don't hurt each other.  Sometimes when he gets itchy ears I lick them for him.  I love to get treats and go for walks.  I like to pee on everything.  I'm glad I have my family, I love them.

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