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Kitten Development Stages – Pet Tip 249

When we bring a kitten home for the first time to adopt it as a pet, it should be between nine and twelve weeks old. This is so the kitten has a chance to spend time with its mother and so that the kitten becomes socialized with its littermates and learns proper kitten behaviour. But what happens before the kitten comes home? This article will outline some of the important milestones in kittenhood in an effort to familiarize you with some of the stages of kitten development.

Kittens are born blind and deaf and they remain that way for around the first fourteen days of their lives. They use their sense of smell to find their way toward their mothers for nourishment and heat. They really need to stay close to their mothers for these first few weeks as they are unable to regulate their own body temperature. The umbilical cord typically falls off after the first few days of life.

Cathy Knox
Province, Country:
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domestic short hair
Date of Birth:
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Coat Colour:
Eye Colour:

gimmee somethin' to chase and somewhere to hide
I love
to follow my owner Cathy around and see what she is doing.
I also love running water! Whenever a tap is turned on, in the kitchen
or bathroom I run and jump into the sink and play with the water as
it splashes into the basin. I have even fallen into my owner's bath
I like
to sleep right next to my owner, and when she is late getting up in
the mornings I sit behind her and knead the back of my neck with her
I don't like it when there are strange cats in my backyard, or when
my other owner suddenly jumps on me for no good reason. I also don't
like getting squirted with a water pistol when I am trying to shake
paws with my owner's cockatiel (called Spike), or drink from his glass
of water.
I like
playing with foam balls, I chase them around, pick them up in my paws
or carry them in my mouth and pounce on them. I
also like to chase my sister-cat Polly, until she gets cranky and chases
me back!
favorite spot is near my owners, or in Winter lying in front of the
purr really loudly when I am happy, but I have the tiniest little miaow
the rest of the time (unless I'm traveling to the vet's in the car,
when I howl at the top of my voice!).
friends are Polly the cat and Spike the bird
can email Daisy at cathy.knox@aqis.gov.au

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