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Sandra Espinosa
Province, Country:
ON, Canada
Lhasa Apso
Date of Birth:
March 1, 1997
Coat Colour:
White and Tan
Eye Colour:
Dark Brown

We woke up one Saturday morning in October 1997 and as soon as I opened my eyes, I knew we had to go to the Toronto Humane Society.  My son, Ryan, and I had been thinking of getting a dog for some time but when I awakened, I knew this was the day.  I had it in mind that I wanted a small, white fluffy dog - a lap dog, but anyone who has visited a shelter or Humane Society knows the likelihood of finding a small dog is rare, if not impossible.
I had no idea what time the Humane Society opened up on Saturday, but after breakfast, off we went.  To my surprise, we arrived just 10 minutes before the doors opened.  I had a strong feeling that "my" dog was here.  We proceeded inside the kennel area which was really noisy with so many large dogs.  There was a sweet, black dog named Ally and she was a good choice but I still had the "feeling" that my white dog was here.  We proceeded towards the back of the kennel area and much to my surprise, there she was!  Well, at least I could imagine that she was my white dog because she was absolutely filthy!
Her name was "Bailey" and as soon as she saw us, she was on her hind legs, climbing up the cage to see Ryan.  Then she lay down at the front of the cage, cuddling up to Ryan.  It was a match made in Heaven!  I grabbed the clipboard so that nobody else could get her before we did.  Then, the agonizing 2 hour wait started and I was very upset to know that there were several other people who wanted "our" dog.  Our wait was totally worthwhile because we were the ones given the opportunity to take this lovely creature home with us.  She came bounding out to greet us and she knew we were her new family.
The first thing we did was change her name because she did not look like a "Bailey".  We named her Pooki because she is just the cutest little girl ever and the name suited her.  We took her on a long walk before we headed home so that she would get use to us.  We stopped at the Pet Store too because this little angel was filthy and needed a bath.
When we got her home and bathed, we took a few photos to remember this wonderful day.  Pooki was our dog now and we had so much love for this lovely little creature that it was almost overwhelming.  We soon learned that her previous owners had abused her.  She was terrified of anything with a long handle - a broom, rake, etc., and it took years of love to get her over her fears.  How could anyone abuse such a lovely little girl?  I guess our first clue was when we saw that the people who dumped her at the Humane Society said she was "unmanageable"- she is anything but!
Pooki has become our constant companion.  She knows when we are sad or ill and is there for us, cuddling up to comfort us.  She gives so much love and asks for nothing but food and water in return.  One of the things she loves the most is to have her ears rubbed - and boy, does she love that!  The only thing she really dislikes is her bath but she is getting better with time and patience.
We nearly lost her in 2001 when we discovered that she had kidney stones lodged in her bladder - over 40 of them.  The Humane Society did emergency surgery on her and we had some terribly anxious moments but she survived due to her tenacity and strength.  She is back to normal but has to be on a special diet for the rest of her life.  It is worth every penny I have to pay for it too, to have our little girl back to normal.
Pooki is our dream dog and I wish everybody could experience such love and devotion as we have.  I thank the people who left her at the Humane Society because now she has a home and family where she is loved and adored! 

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