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Daisy Dolittle

Daisy Dolittle

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Barbara Lloyd
Province, Country:
SK, Canada
Stafforshire Bull Terrier
Date of Birth:
Jan 1997
Coat Colour:
White with Blue Spots
Eye Colour:

Pleased to meet you, my name is Daisy Dolittle. Some of my favorite things are: eating, lounging in a sunny spot and car rides. What I dislike most: going outside when it is cold, when it is realy cold I have my dad chase me around the house before going outside, it is actually pretty funny, I know I am going to go outside but I always give him a good run for his money. Sometimes I have to go to work, I help my mom teach manners to puppies at her school, that is pretty funny too because just to get a charge and extra treats out of my mom I lay down and pretend I am too tired to work, evrybody laughs and I have a great time. My most memorable occasion was the day me and my baby brother Riot, a Rottweiler, got into the local Safeway. We walked up to the door and it magically opened and we made a Bee Line for the meat section. All the fun was over though when the local "doggy wagon" was called in, we ran out the store, across the street to the bus stop and magically my mom and dad turned up and opened the car door and whisked us away. We told them we got out via an open gate, now they pad lock the gates to the yard so when we go out in the yard we cannot go on any more adventures.

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