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Terry Price
Province, Country:
QC, Canada
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Date of Death
Sept 25/2002
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How fragile is life?

On Wednesday Sept. 25th at 7:10 a.m. a little light went out of my life. The youngest of my three dogs, of my family. Someone hit my baby, my brat, in front of her own home and never even stopped.

A person who lives on the same street, a cul de sac, killed her. Someone who knew there were three dogs living here among numerous children on both sides. These were not only my dogs; they belonged to the neighborhood.
When confronted Wednesday night he first denied it then apologized, not even realizing that I had been standing in the driveway watching in horror as he slammed in to her at over 60 kil, not once but twice.
I don’t suggest this isn’t my fault. As I opened the front door half asleep, it was the usual challenge to hold on to everyone’s leash and still put garbage in the bin.
Annie pulled away and sat off the curb to wait for us. I told to her to come back but she defiantly stayed in place. This was not unexpected. This was my stubborn Banana.
I heard the car coming and wondered who would be driving so fast on this dead end. I then recognized who it was. In my heart I knew he would see our white dog sitting on black pavement and the three of us so near yet far away. But I saw his head was in the moon and not on the road. I held my breath as I knew he would have to move to the left to avoid her and I was afraid she would run that way too. But he headed straight at her.
She didn’t move. She looked right at the car and then at me upon impact. She cried out under the first wheel, went limp under the second. As I raced to pick her up, she moved her head once to try and get up. While I was taking her in my arms, the driver was slowing down at a stop sign at the end of the street. He had hit her so hard; her leash and collar were on the other side of the road.
While he continued his journey to work, Annie went on her final journey atop my kitchen counter. As her heartbeat grew weaker my husband looked at me and said, "How fragile is life?" It was taken away in a moment.
A lot of fuss has been made over this little dog in the last 48 hours. People have asked us to press charges but I fear it will do no good. You don't get a conscious from a fine. My husband put a candle out to mark the spot that night and neighbors have put flowers and this picture. Friends on the street who loved her dearly took it one week ago today.
She apparently loved posing for this shot. She always needed to be the center of attention and had it at that moment. She will have it in my heart for a long time to come.
I ask today that you remember my "Annie" by hugging each member of your family. Hold on to them for this could have easily been a child and not "just a dog" I no longer have my little one to cuddle all night next to me under the covers.
When you are driving in a residential zone, think about the point of rushing to a stop sign.
Be responsible for your animals and protect them. I never should have let go of that leash that day. My guilt is over whelming. My grief is enormous.
I have realized how fragile life is.
I hope that when the driver of the car passes my house each day, he realizes it too.

Terry Price Kimmel
Kirkland, Que

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