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March 1993
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Yeah yeah yeah I know I look like Morris...but my name is Zak.
Check out my photo album here

Turn Ons - Self massage, being petted while I eat, and licking foot-cream off my mother's feet (Yes I do need therapy....and a girlfriend)
Pet peeves -Being chased by my brother Zig. And all children...I hiss at them and if they come too close I'll swat them until they cry. Also the 5 operations I had to remove bird and mice parts and once even a corncob from my stomach.
Most Embarrassing Moment - Getting caught chewing on mom's favorite plants.....and running through the house on my butt to remove a piece of dried poo....actually I wasn't really embarrased...they were embarrassed for me....I was just upset.
Favorite Chew Toy - My little red sock rubbed with catnip.
Favorite lounging spot - The foot of any bed my mom and dad are lying on....and lately atop the cable-box on the television.
- Blue and rift.
Fondest Memory - Any time I get a belly rub....and being adopted by my new parents...especially mommy.

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