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Kim Langille
Province, Country:
NB, Canada
Domestic Short Hair
Date of Birth:
September 27, 2002
Coat Colour:
Eye Colour:

I'm A Little Cutie!!!
I roamed the mean streets of Harvey, New Brunswick, for my first 8 weeks with my kitty mom and my seven brothers and sisters. Then a stranger picked us all up and took us to a kitty hotel where they kept us in cages.My new mom walked in the room after I had been there a couple of days and I jumped for her fingers - she looked nice and I wanted her to pick me up. AND SHE DID!!I love my mom and grandma and big brother Eppy!! He's really big, but I want to be his friend - he looks so COZY!! I want to fall asleep on his tummy - it's like a big pillow!!!My favorite toy is a ball with feathers attached to it that mysteriously flies through the air. How does it do that?I got my name -- which is OFFICIALLY Augustus Oliver -- from Gus, the Theatre Cat from "Cats" and Oliver in "Oliver Twist" - the little orphan.I've settled in nicely in my home - I make friends with everyone who visits and they all tell me how pretty I am.  I may start to believe them and get an ego problem!!!
My brother and cat friend is Eppy.  He's started to like me, I think.  When I was little he would growl at me, but now he plays a bit and lets me curl up with him and lick him.  He's my best friend.  I also made friends with Storm, a border collie, who lives next door, and a little dog named Boots, who lives on the other side of my backyard.  I love to climb the big tree in the back yard, but then I get stuck up there, so my Mom moved my tie-down so I can't get as far up the tree anymore.

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