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Karina X
Province, Country:
FL, United States
Zebra Fish
Date of Birth:
Date of Death
Not Provided
Not Provided
Coat Colour:
grey and blue strips
Eye Colour:

Leslie was my favorite fish
It lasted for so long
It would have still lasted if it wasent for my stupidity
People say i am stupid because it so small and lasted only a year 11 months and 20 days
but still its my fish an i miss it
i was really looking foward to celebrating christmas and its birthday this year, but thats just not possible
i buried it and made a little grave yard scene
about an hour ago i put flowers and prayed...
Rest In Peace Leslie....i will miss you and always remember i love you
ps- god i took care fo it for as long as i could, now i leave it in your hands take care of leslie....

all began when i thought hey let me change leslies water, so i go and i clean his bowl then i put him in it, then i think, thats wierd hes jumpin around a bit.....but suddenly when i go back to check on him with a spoon to move the rocks, i noticed that hes not moving, so i got scared and tugged him a bit he jumped and moved but then stopped moving, he was acting really wierd like he was pretending to be dead.....it was scary, suddenyly i smelled some clorox and i realize that maybe mom put clorox to clean the tank...and i used that water for leslie i hurried filled a plastic cup with normal water, i stuck him in it and watched him slowly suffer and die....once he dided i began to cry, i killed him, well its been hell ever since i have not laughed and promised not to watch tv until tom. after 6 pm which is 24 hrs after he died. :(. i put everything of his in a bag and put it in the hole put him in a paperclip box with some faric and his name tag, hopefully my fish that i have had for a year 11 months and 20 days.....his birthday was coming up, but now he cant celebrate it :'(, i killed it.....by accident but i killed it, it would have still been alive, but i have to just forget about it, but i dont want n e 1 to talk to me about, i really dont wanna talk about it, no 1 can make me feel better about it.....RIP leslie and always remember i love you, tonight i am gonna pray for him.....

Hes buried in a whole
Sad and alone
The bowl is lonley without him
The rocks still smell like clorox and my table misses him, he is in heaven loooking down
thinking damn i never knew a little fish could mean so much
i love leslie and he knows that
i love leslie because hes my fish

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