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Pet Servals – Pet tip 208

There are millions and millions of cat lovers across North America and this is because cats make great pets. In general they are easier to take care of than dogs and much more independent than dogs. They are normally affectionate, cuddly, cute, they don’t eat that much and they don’t put too many demands on their owners. In terms of pleasing our human senses, house cats come in different breeds with different shapes, colours, fur lengths and personalities. But what if you want something a little different, more unique? What if you want a different type of cat, maybe a much larger cat? If you have a flair for the exotic you might consider getting a serval.

Servals are slowly becoming more popular as pets. Servals look like cheetahs but they are much smaller. They typically weigh anywhere from 20-40 pounds depending on their sex (males are heavier) and ancestry. Their body length is anywhere from 2-3 feet and they are about 2 feet tall. The come from Africa and still roam wild in many rural places. They are also slowly starting to become more known as house-pets but they are still quite rare and not for everyone.

Peggy Dalling
Province, Country:
ON, Canada
Abissian DSH
Date of Birth:
July 2002
Not Provided
Coat Colour:
Eye Colour:

I think he's an abyssian because he has to “conquer” every flat surface, the higher the better! Plays fetch with his ball, likes being on his leash and harness, talks to me, the birds, the neighbours, the other cats in the neighbourhood (he even sounds like he’s saying “Hello…hi…hello.” So weird! But he’s a big suck that loves to cuddle, loves getting his belly rubbed, his tail, head, feet, anything. He also waits for his humans to come home. He sits on the window ledge and watches us come up the driveway. Then, he’ll meow at us through the window and watch us come in. It’s so cute! Or when the door is open and just the screen door is closed and he sits there and watches you outside and all you can see is his little beige head and ears? He’s my baby boy and I love him way too much (I’m “obsessed”)
I don’t know why everyone thinks I’m so cute…ok, well I do know…I work very hard at it! I love to chase people around and play fetch with my ball (I have a stash of them hidden currently where no one can find them...come to think of it...where are they?) I sleep either at Grammy’s feet or at Mom’s feet. I keep Grammy company in the bathroom while she gets ready and make sure Mom gets up for work. Her alarm clock doesn’t seem to work cause she keeps turning it off! So I come in, lick her nose, lick her fingers and nibble on them and purr loudly. It takes about 3-4 visits but I’m training her quite nicely, I think.
Loves-Roller sticky thing (I get my massages from that, feels sooo good! Mom thinks it’s for getting rid of my fur but I would have to disagree. I shed WAY more than she can pick up with that thing. Jokes on her!), sleeping (bathroom counter, sink, fireplace, top of tv, mom’s bed, grammy’s bed, back porch, chair), eating my wet food (grammy’s got me on no name brand right now but not for long if Mom has anything to say about it…she’ll have me back on whiskas and fancy feast before you know it), and being outside in the grass and dirt (I talk to the birds, eat grass, lay down and sunbathe and just enjoy the fresh air…but I don’t go to the bathroom out there. I’m a polite little…ok not little…cat and I wait until I’m inside to do my business).
I’ve already had lots of adventures outside. We had baby bunnies born, baby skunks and a baby bird fell right on top of me out of its nest (Mom didn’t want me playing with it and neither did that baby bird’s family…what? I wouldn’t have eaten him…just played hide and seek with him!)
Anyway, I love my life. My family is great, especially Mom and Grammy. I have many places to sleep,lots of great food and toys to play with...sigh!

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