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Date of Birth:
Apr 11, 2007
Date of Death
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Coat Colour:
Black with a white splash
Eye Colour:

Zion was my first cat, I had always been a dog only person. He changed that in me. We adopted him from a shelter here,or should I say he picked me. We had gone looking for a friends pet that had been taken, and he reached out through the kennel, snagged my shirt with a claw, and wouldn't let go, he also snagged my heart that day. From day one in the house he let everyone know he ran it, from the older cat that we had-to "B" our great dane who sniffed Zion as he laid on the couch and Zion let him know real quick who was boss. Zion let you pet him when he chose, he did get out a time or two on accident and scared his mom and dad to death, the last time he was gone for 4 days(Longest time in this mom's life) we searched all hours of the day and night, and when mom was just about to give up hope-you came slinking into the house from the dog door you got out of and tried to sneak by with just a faint"meow", acting like you had just gotten up from a nap, was the happiest day of mom's life. After feeding you and boy did you eat, you got a bath(which you did very well with)-then cuddled up with mom and slept and never did try to leave the house again. You always knew when mom was upset or didn't feel good, you then let me pet and cuddle you at my will. You were such a good boy when we brought home the kittens(even though you weren't sure of them to begin with) then became close buddies with both especially Barrington. Mom didn't know what happened, I woke up on a Saturday and dad said you weren't acting right, I went running. You were walking strange and just not yourself, we had left you in the computer room with the kittens. By the next day you seemed better, we let it go and never should have. Two weeks later things went terribly wrong, you started having more neurologic problems, mom knew in her heart things were not going to turn out good. We kept you close that weekend, watched you like a hawk. You would do bad, then be "ok", Monday night May 28 was awful, you started having seizures, mom knew it was the end. We took you to the vet that next morning, you had seizure's all morning and I held you the whole time. We took you to the vet and determined you had a a major, catastophic neuro event and there was nothing to be done and nothing that could have been done. I held you as they shaved your paw, and I held you close as they helped you pass over to the Rainbow bridge. Mom lost a piece of her heart and soul that morning. I kept the piece of hair that they shaved. Your hair is in with your ashes, sitting on the bookcase with your brothers. It's been 5 month's, seems like yesterday that a piece of me died, I still think and miss you dearly everyday, your atitude, your loving nature(except not always with dad), I miss you the most at night, you always slept on my legs, and nights I couldn't get compfortable or was having problems sleeping due to pain, you would lay on my legs and keep shifting with me till I stopped, almost holding me down as if to say just rest. I love and miss you dealy Zion, you would like your new brother(Jah), I see a lot of you in him. Dad swears he is you in a different body sometimes. I am glad your other brothers and sisters were there to greet you when you passed. Love mom,,,

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