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Tiger died May 10, 2012 unexpectedly after finding him having difficulty breathing.

Tiger was adopted October 13, 1996 after finding him under a thistle bush crying. He was born in August 1996 but we consider his adoption date his birthday.

He was such a loving guy, always wanted to be held, kissed, petted, played with. He hated being alone and was always wanting to be with one of us. He was spoiled with so many toys, beds, blankets, etc.

He travelled to Illinois with us. He hated the drive but did not want to be left behind.

Tiger loved baths and playing with water.

December 2006 Tiger became very ill with diabetes and the Vet thought he would not live and if he did he would be on insulin for the rest of his life. One month later he was off insulin and diet controlled. His family would be up every 3 hours to feed him to keep his blood sugar regulated. This kept up until the end.

May 10th 2012 he suddenly started having a hard time breathing and was very weak. He was rushed to the Vet. He was immediately put on oxygen and we were told he had little chance of survival. It was not known what exactly was wrong but his breathing worsened rapidly. Just after 12 he was put down to stop his struggle for breath.
His family grieves the loss of Tiger. We love and miss him so much. Many tears are cried, the house feels too empty without him. How we wish he could have stayed with us. We love you little fella!

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