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Yawning and Blinking in Dogs – Pet tip 217

When it comes to reading a dog’s body language there are many movements and gestures to pay attention to. Some of the gestures are easy to understand. A growling dog is sending a clear message and very few people will mistake the intention of that message. It means that the dog is uncomfortable and you should immediately back off or back away. The growl will likely also come with other gestures like standing forward, ears pointing forward and possibly raised fur. A broad wagging tail is also a clear sign usually associated with happiness and alertness.

angel wings
Not Provided
Province, Country:
Not Provided
Date of Birth:
Dec 1, 2007
Date of Death
Not Provided
Coat Colour:
Red and White
Eye Colour:

My little girl Lulu live 3years 8months, she was born with liver shunt. But an enlarged heart took her on Aug. 14th 2001. She was my heart my true north my everthing, she left her wonderful spirit in my heart. She was such a joy, she was sick but never complianed, and she loved life she lived every day to romp and play forever at my side she was there. My joy my love my heart. She plays now in fields of flowers and butterflys and there she waits for me.

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