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Today’s domestic dog is still closely related to the wolf. Like all wolves living in a pack, dogs must be part of a stable family and feel safe. Most domestic behavioral problems occur when the dog is confused about how to act/behave in different situations such as your home or out on a walk.

It is recommended that you keep Fido confined no matter his age for at least the first month in your home. This will allow him to settle in more comfortably and adapt to your lifestyle. At the same time, confinement will reduce such misbehaviors as chewing and separation anxiety.

Here are a few general rules to help you to prevent misbehaviors when you bring Fido home:

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In 2003 we got a kitten from a friend who said he was dropped off on his door step and he couldn't keep him so we took him. We got him looked out by the vet and found out he was 6 weeks old. He was very adventurous and loved to play. At the time we had my other cat Mufasa and at first they didn't get along because he wanted to play with her and also bugged her alot so they didn't get off on good term for about 2 years. Like mufasa he was also alllowed outside once he hit a year old. his first few months he was catching mice,moles,birds and by two years old he was catching baby and adult rabbits it was amazing i had never seen any of my cats ever catch a rabbit not even my previous cat smiba who mysteriously disapeared. The bad thing about patches being an outdoor cat however was he followed me where ever i went. i was going to meet a friends up the street and had to cross at the lights nad patches followed me all the way so i had to turn around and walk all the way back home with him then put him inside and told my parents not to let him out till i was out of sight. He sure was a trouble maker. In 2006 three years after getting patches he got lucimia and i had to make the difficult choice between medicine that had less then a 50% cahnce of working or put him to sleep. When i went to go and see how he was doing before i made the choice he was in horrible condition he couldn't even lift his head. So i made the choice to put him to sleep because he was in so much pain. I was 3 when he was uthanized.

He was a beloved and treasured cat and will never be forgotten

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