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I'm very sad to report we said goodbye to Tyrant on Thursday, August 12. He had been failing quite rapidly, especially the past couple of weeks. It was ok that he was senile, so long as he was enjoying his senility. But over the past little while it was obvious he was no longer the happy dog he once was. The daily 5k walk had gradually became .5k (and even that was a struggle the last couple of weeks) although the duration remained much the same.

His love of walks was seconded only by his love of opening presents (whether they were his or not!). It didn't matter what they contained, books, socks, dog treats, Tyrant wanted to "help" open. Then there was food. Preferably "people food" (typical male, is favourites were beer and pizza). He knew after dinner he could lick the plates, and would become quite demanding if he thought we were lingering to long over that last glass of wine. He could also count, and would not leave the kitchen when 3 people had dinner but only 2 plates had been licked. He loved everyone, even cats (usually). In fact, it was coming home one day and finding Tyrant and a neighbourhood cat sitting together on the stairs in my house (they'd come in through the dog-door) that prompted me to get Shadow. Tyrant wanted a pet of his own!

The strutting walk and barrel chest, along with very large teeth, earned him one of his many nicknames, Tyrantosaurus Rex. He also answered to Sir Pee-a-lot, Pookey, Pooh and PoohBear, Stinkerbelle (after he was skunked), Hey you! and of course, Good Boy! About the only name he wouldn't respond to was "Lonnie", the name given to him by the Lanark Animal Welfare Society (L.A.W.S.). Tyrant was about 6 months old when he was found wandering the streets of Smiths Falls one cold February day in 1993. He waited at the pound for over 3 months before I came along and gave him a home. I saw this forlorn little dog huddled in the back of the cage, with a look that said, "she won't pick me, no-one ever picks me". But, when I stopped in front of his cage and put my hand to the bars he jumped forward and started licking my hand while wagging his whole body. I couldn't resist such joy. He moved with me to Edmonton, flew home with me on vacations (making friends with aircrew and cargo crews along the way), and finally drove with me back to Ottawa, sitting proudly on the front seat of the car, sharing the aptly-named "pup" tent with me at night.

In the summer of 2007, Tyrant met Trevor. They got along quite well (Tyrant now had his own plate to lick, insted of sharing with Shadow); he even let Trevor take him for walks without Andrea being present. By the spring of 2009, Tyrant had decided to retire to the country. He brought Andrea and Shadow along and moved to Flat Rapids. And after living beside the water for over a year, he decided to once again to take up swimming this summer. But he still wouldn't go out in the boat!

Tyrant turned 18 this summer, as near as we can guess, and was a part of my family for over 17 years. My heartfelt thanks to the staff at Arnprior Animal Hospital for their caring and compassion.

Tyrant, you were greatly loved and will be greatly missed!

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