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Dogs and Cats that Drink Too Much Water – Pet tip 240

Water is the elixir of life and it is essential to all living things. Our pets need to have access to water at all times and their water bowls should be filled with fresh water every single day. When our pets don’t get enough water dehydration can occur. Sometimes though, our pets drink too much water and although we know that water is good for our pets, too much is too much. Serious health problems can occur when our pets drink too much water. Sometimes the reason they drink so much stems from psychological or behavioural problems; other times the reason is medical. Either way, drinking too much water is dangerous for pets.

When a pet drinks too much water, its urinary system is also affected. What goes in must come out so thirst and urination are naturally linked.

Regina Hammond
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German Shepherd
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Gretta was 12 weeks old when she came into my life.  She had a brother that was older than her named Boggs.  Unfortunately he died 2 months after Gretta came into our lifes.  I always sang to her telling her "She's My Lady".  So to a tribute to her I wrote the following message:

She’s My Lady, o o o she’s my lady

She was my lady and now she is gone

I grieve for me because my love for her was immense

I grieve for me because I won’t have her to sing to

I sang to her and she would listen oh so attentively

Her eyes would light up because she knew it was her song “She’s My Lady o, o, o She’s My Lady”

I sang and sang to her for such a long time I thought at times she wanted to sing along with me

She’s now crossed over to Rainbow Bridge where she can sing along and do whatever she wants

I will miss those big brown eyes staring at me and saying please mom sing to me again

Please Lord take care of her and make sure she makes friends with all of her siblings

You are gone but in my heart you’ll always be with me through all my ups and downs.

Gretta you will always be my lady so sleep in peace until we meet again

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