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Hairless Cats – Pet tip 145

For many, just the thought of a hairless cat is enough to make them shudder. For these people, the sight of a hairless cat is shocking, and touching one is downright scary. If you are one of these people, then this article is unlikely to sway you in the other direction. However, if you are the kind of person who has always been a little bit intrigued by the unique look of hairless cats, read on. Behind their striking appearance is a fascinating background, and if you are considering making a hairless cat part of your family, there is also a plethora of information to know about the proper way to care for these beautiful creatures.

Congenital hairlessness in cats is an extremely rare trait. Essentially, a hairless cat is the result of genetic mutations in one or more of the genes which encode for normal hair development. While the word ‘mutation’ implies that this genetic condition is unwanted and accidental, there are actually many breeders who select specifically for the hairlessness trait and work to maintain the hairless lineage in their cats.

Jillian Brooke
Belle River
Province, Country:
ON, Canada
Part Maine Coon
Date of Birth:
March 2000
Not Provided
Coat Colour:
Black & White
Eye Colour:

Taiji was born in the UK in 2000. He moved with us to Canada in 1993 so now has dual citizenship!He has many quirky habits....main one being that every time you stir a drink with a spoon he will run from where ever he is, jump up at the sink and try to bat the spoon from your hand as you move it to the sink.As the years go on he is a little less active wanting to bask in the sunlight streaming through the window. Life changed for Taiji 4 weeks ago with the arrival of Lola - our Bichon Poo - he can no longer bask without being terrorized!! but he gives as good as he gets, one swipe from him sends her tumbling across the floor, all 3lb of her!! See Lola's page.

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