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Bob Dougan
Province, Country:
CT, United States
Date of Birth:
May 9, 1992
Date of Death
Jan 10, 2009
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I woke up crying this morning.

Barbra it’s 10 months today that we said good by.

As time passes on I find myself missing her so much. There are times that I can’t help crying. I still call her name only to realize she’s not here. I hold her ashes and talk to her every night before I go to sleep. I can only hope that she is hearing me. I let her know that I will find her when my time comes.

  We did finally get another Abby. But Barbra she is not you. I can still remember the way you tell me it’s bedtime, and how you come running up under my arm when I got into bed every night. I can remember the way you purred to me as I talked to you every night before we would fall asleep. I remember how excited you would get when I came home from work. The way you would want to sit along side me and purr to me when we stared at the TV. How happy you would be when I let you outside early in the morning so you could just sit and watch the sunrise and watch the birds and squirrels start their day to the feeder. You would only stay out for 5 or 10 minutes and when you came back in you would always find me to let me know that you were in and I should close the door. When we would go outside in the afternoon we would both just lay in the grass next to each other. And oh how you loved to sit on the rail of the deck and just lay in the sunshine.

I remember each night when I would cook dinner, you would go to your chair at the dinner table and so patiently just sit and wait for dinner to be ready. When I fed you your chicken, shrimp, or fish you never over ate. When you were full you would just jump down and wash your self after eating.  

The first time I found you in a draw I got so scared. I thought I had closed you in the draw until I saw you open the draw climb in and then close the draw so you could take a nap without being bothered by your sister Mary. And I was so amazed when you would open the draw when you wanted to get back out. You never did close the draw after you got out, but that’s OK I don’t always close the draws either.

When you got sick and I started putting that needle in your neck you never fussed. You had complete trust in me just like I had complete trust in you. I kept the fluid bag under the covers in my waterbed so it would be nice and warm as it went into your body. The only thing that bothered me was when you would spit out the ant-acid pill I would give to you.

  Barbra I miss you so much, but I’m sure you know that. I have so many photos of you hanging all over the house now. Every room has your photo. And they are all different too.

   Until we meet again the only thing I can do is remember and miss you. We were meant for each other, we understood each other, we loved each other.

I miss you.    

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