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D. Hayes
Halton Hills
Province, Country:
ON, Canada
Date of Birth:
Feb 1/98
Coat Colour:
orange tabby
Eye Colour:

Here I was in a new town, unemployed, heartsick because we had lost two kitties within a month of moving and feeling very sad and depressed.
Well, I had to go get kitty food and walked into an independent pet store that also happened to play host to the local no-kill cat shelter. An as soon as I opened the door the cutest orange and white tabby baby runs up to me purring all the way. He also brought his mousie with him, because he loves to play fetch with mousies. I asked about him but was told he was already spoken for. So I asked if I could leave my name anyway and every day I would go in and play with him (the pet store owner allowed this) and grew to love him more.
Well, about a week later they tracked down the women who said “Oh I’ve gotten another kitty and don’t want that one any more." When I got home from one of my job search days, there was this wonderful message saying Riley was ours.
When I brought him home I left him in the carrier so that his first meeting with Booboo would go well. Well needless to say we were stunned that Booboo wasn’t hissing at the new Baby.
It had taken Kitty and Shadow a little over a week to like each other and Shadow never really was fond of Booboo (poor Kitty was blind and deaf by then and his sense of smell was no longer working and he didn’t notice Booboo was in the house).
But when I took Riley out of the carrier Booboo started to play kissy face with him. He is the most gentle big boy kitty there ever was. Which was what Riley needed because he was a bottle baby and is very sweet, but naughty as orange boys are. Who ever left behind Booboo miss out on having the most gentle cat in the world. He is a very good big brofur.
So remember everyone, that the stray that finds its way into your life maybe the sweetest kitty you ever find. No matter where you might find him or her, deserted outside or at a shelter please give them a home and you will never regret it. They will love you with all their hearts unconditionally and you can't ask for much more in this crazy world.

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