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Laura Preece
St. Catharines
Province, Country:
ON, Canada
Date of Birth:
Date of Death
Coat Colour:
Eye Colour:
bright brown

Our beloved Wessie boy,
You left us so suddenly on October 23, 2002. I hope you weren't scared, we stayed right with you to help comfort you. Your kind doctor did everything she could to try and save you, but God was calling you. Your Tiffy was with you too, your best friend til the end. I'm so greatful you went quickly, you didn't suffer long. You're life was cut short, but what a life it was! You never had a day of worry or sorrow, just love, fun and lots of cookies all the time. You loved to eat so much, and mummy will forever miss sharing her moring toast with her "Wessykins". Darie will never forget the special bond she had with her "Bright eyes", and knows that there will never be another pup like you. Every time Daddy lays his head on his pillow, he will miss your warm soft body behind him. And I will always remember how patient you were with me as I took care of all your little ailments. I hope I didn't bug you too much. We kept you so healthy, fed you the best food, brought you to your doctor every year. So I am very sorry that this happend to you despite everything we did to keep you well. I only wish that I could have found it earlier just to have a few more days with you. I know you know you were loved more than anything by the way you loved back. You were definately one of a kind, and we will miss you with all our hearts. And like I told you as you took your last breath, we will all be together again, as me meet at the Rainbow Bridge. Love you forever, your family xoxo

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