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Most dog owners are aware that many dogs will eat almost anything. This is especially true of puppies and younger dogs. It is for this reason that houses need to be dog proofed or puppy proofed. Good house proofing will keep dogs away from medications, poisons inedible objects etc. and this is a great start. We know that even though dogs eat the weirdest stuff, the greatest temptation comes from foods that they are not supposed to eat. By now most dog owners know that chocolate is a MAJOR ‘no no’ and certain types of chocolate can actually kill a dog.

Catherine Bilton
Province, Country:
GA, United States
Collie Lab mix
Date of Birth:
Date of Death
Coat Colour:
Tan Black
Eye Colour:

To Mitsi,

My Little Brown Eyed Girl; Our WC (Wild Child) Our little Busy Mitsi, for once it seemed you weren't busy, but something I knew had to be wrong when you weren't at the door tail wagging to greet me, when the door to the room was open yet you didn't come running, I knew something was tragically wrong when I saw you lying there, an object lying across your nose, yet I still hoped you'd respond once you were freed, but you didn't, I touched I poked I beseeched you to "get up, getup Mitsi, get up.... 

Your shipped sailed when we weren't looking.  I love you Mitsi, I miss you so deeply.  It will take some getting used to life without you around.....Your sudden and unexpected passing is a constant reminder to me to rid my lifestyle of PROCRASTINATION.

I dedicate this song this day, to my little friend, I love you Mitsi "poop poop"


Love Mommi







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