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Teddy the Ninja Cat

Teddy the Ninja Cat

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All about Teddy the Ninja Cat

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Reb Frost
Province, Country:
QC, Canada
Tuxedo - Domestic
Date of Birth:
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Teddy the Ninja Cat is grand ruler of the Ninja Cat Forces (and our house). He is stealth and has really good invisibility powers (especially when it comes to taking medicine). 
He has a nurtured sidekick, his tiny furry Teddy Bear toy that he faithfully brings to the water dish and the food dish each day...(then attacks it and hides it where no one can touch it)...If you touch his Teddy Bear, you WILL be punished....
Teddy does not like the great outdoors. He especially hates to walk in grass or anything squishy, wet, or soft. Teddy does not like Duvets on beds. He thinks it is like walking on marshmallows...
Teddy has his own louge bed and goes to bed each night with his masters. Sometimes he feels the need to walk on his masters heads in the middle of the night so he can look out the window and say hello to the neighborhood skunk who happens to like him very much. (They are both black and white)Teddy prefers to have his humans called "servants" rather than masters. HE IS THE MASTER OF HIS DOMAIN! As grand ruler, his mission is to eat, sleep and be merry...unless he is on one of his "Fly Kill" missions. Teddy is very good at pest control and will follow a fly or spider for hours until he has the opportunity to attack.
If you pick up Teddy, you must carry him high up on your shoulder only, so he can get an overall view of his kingdom.  Our theory on this is that Teddy was a pilot in his past life...
Teddy likes no processed cat  food. Cat food is Teddy's arch enemy!! Especially holistic or "natural" foods with any grains or goodness....Therefore, vegetables must be secretly added to his diet.
He does, however, seem to have a great liking of steak.. The more expensive the cut, the more Teddy likes it.
Teddy rarely speaks but on the odd occasion he likes to make clicking noises (like an alien)...
Teddys master blogs and writes about his great adventures... This being "The Adventures of Teddy the Ninja Cat" and the CAofE.. (Chihuahua Axis of Evil) in which Chihuahuas are attempting to take over all the sausage factories of the world and the Ninja Cat Forces must stop them....(no offense Chihuahua lovers...this is purely cat fiction)His master has made photos to go with the storyline...In Teddy's adventures, he travels far and wide (outside of the boundaries of his home) and even into space...

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