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Kristina Kopack
Fort Collins
Province, Country:
CO, United States
Date of Birth:
June 21, 2006
Not Provided
Not Provided
Coat Colour:
White and Black
Eye Colour:

Hi! My name is Twinkie. My brother Itty Bitty and I are both very fluffy. Mommy and Daddy adopted me last year! I love to sleep with mommy and annoy her with lap naps all the time! I also love to snack and I waddle. I don't like to be picked on by my brother Itty Bitty. He can be SO annoying to me. I LOVE to be brushed and petted and have my belly rubbed! My favorite toys are balls and cat beds! Which, my brother and I have A LOT of!!! I am spoiled rotten like Itty Bitty only I think that I am much prettier than him, he doesn't think so. I love to lay under the computer desk mommy and daddy have, on the foot of their bed or on mommy's pillow, or I love to lay on chairs and cat beds. I just flat out love laying down and napping, after all I am a b-e-a-utiful kitty who needs her beauty sleep. My most embarassing moment I have had I do believe would be when I either fell off the window sill because I am a little on the heavy side and can't fit without hanging half of my body on the ac below or when I get picked on by mommy or daddy and I made a real embarassing goat noise. Now they call me goat-cow-cat. It is kinda funny. I love my mommy and daddy, and my brother too I guess. I am so happy I have them all!

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