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Ula Luna
Province, Country:
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domestic shorthair
Date of Birth:
5 April 2008
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Hello my name is Shema and I'm a very curious cat. I'm interested in every movement and sound. I love to run around the house, play with my toys and catch the flies.
I like to sleep on my owner's knees while she is watching TV, sometimes I even watch TV with her;)
I used to be a bad eater and was underweight, however since I've had my vaccination my appetite improoved and now I eat an adult portions. I love jelly cat food, fish, cheese, cakes and doritos crisps! My stomach is very sensitive so I have to be careful what I eat.
I don't like vet, and when I'm scared I can hardly move. However, I'm not an agressive cat, everybody say I'm gentle.
I like to play hide and seek with my owner. She says I'm a very inteligent cat. When I was a kitten my owner went on holidays and left me at her parents house. It was the first time and I felt a bit unsecured, so when nobody was at home I took a little pieces of my food into my mouth and hid them under my owner' dad's pillow. Her dad was so surprised when while making his bed in the evening he found my food under his pillow. They all laughed.
I have to say that I get bored very easily and always have to entertain myself with some new plays. My favourite day is when my owner is at home and plays with me, and then scratch my back. I like to be kissed and spoiled.
I'm also a very clean pet. My 'toilet' sand has to be changed every 2-3 days, I don't like bad smells. But i like the smell of tuna!
Here is my photo when I was a kitten, I haven't change much since, I'm just a little bigger;)

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