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Wendy Jackson
Province, Country:
ON, Canada
Collie Rough
Date of Birth:
Dec. 22, 1999
Coat Colour:
Eye Colour:

Toby has been our wonder dog.  One of 2 pups who survived out of a litter of 7, he is now our Grand Old Man.  He has one numerous titles, taught us a lot, and given us unconditional love for all these years.  He just passed his 11 birthday and now is playing with his daughter and grandson.
He is a gentle loving dog, who has done everything I have asked of him over the years, and is still willing to try and please me.
Likes-being rubbed behind my ears.  Dislikes-anyone trying to lay next to me(except Mom of course)  Most Embarassing Moment- rolling over on the recall when I finished my Novice Title, Mom and the judge laughed at me!  Cherished Memory- there are so many, which one to choose.  I guess the final time Mom and me were in the Conformation ring together and I won the Breed and made the cut in Group to finish my Championship.  Mom was soooo proud of me that day.  I showed my heart out for her.

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