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Cherry eye in dogs – Pet tip 122

Any owner of a dog who has had “cherry eye” will tell you that it is not a pretty sight. Perhaps you have witnessed it yourself and have seen the large red mass bulging out of the inner corner of a dog’s eye, from which the name ‘cherry eye’ originated. While not the most visually appealing condition (for the owners or the afflicted dog), cherry eye is actually a fairly common and benign occurrence in many breeds of dogs.

Though it may appear somewhat like a tumour or even an awfully big bug bite, the ‘cherry’ on your dog’s eye is actually a prolapsed (or popped out) gland. Known by veterinarians as the nictitans gland, this gland is present in the third eyelid of dogs and aids in the production of tears. Unlike humans, many animals possess this third eyelid which closes horizontally across the eye to provide extra protection and moisture.

Christy Evans
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Silver Tabby
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Alex, my son's beloved cat, passed away this morning around 10:00.  He was a rescue cat that was behind a shopping center behind Kroger and he was about 9 months old when he was rescued.  He immediately started parenting my two sons who were 10 and 9 at the time!   Alex has been a very loyal and loving pet, ESPECIALLY to my sons.  He would cry whenever they would go to school or leave to go ANYWHERE!. This year was not a good year as Jason had moved away and  their stepfather decided to move out takng Alex's sister Callie with him.  And Alex did get to live with Jason for about two months  this year and he has been with Brandon until his passing this morning. We loved you Alex and we shall never forget you.  You have been a beloved member of our family for 15 years now.  We know you are in Cat Heaven with Freddy Evans and Pumpkin Evans.  Alex leaves behind his two sisters, Callie Evans and Suzie Evans, (who lived with Alex since March 1, 2008 of this year) Alex is survived by his two favorite humans in the whole world, Jason Zurita and Brandon Zurita, and parent humans, Christy H. Evans and Scott Evans.

Alex will be buried in Marietta, Ga on Monday November 24, 2008.

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