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Daisy Mae

Daisy Mae

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Dogs Cats and Fur Battles – Pet Tip 251

Cats and dogs have plenty of fur and the battle of the fur and the household never seems to end. Cats and dogs don’t seem to care much about losing a bit of fur but it does bother many humans. Given that the fur problem for humans is not likely to end anytime soon is there anything we can do to reduce the amount of fur that cats and dogs shed?

The answer is ‘yes and no’ and has a lot to do with the personality of the human not the cat or dog. Dogs and cats shed and that is a fact of life. They can no more stop shedding than we humans can stop shedding. (Humans shed skin cells and lose body/head hair every single day).

Kevin Robitaille CD
Province, Country:
ON, Canada
Lakeland Terrier
Date of Birth:
Jan7 2006
Coat Colour:
Eye Colour:

Daisy Mae came to us froma foster family in June of 2008. She was a rescue dog from an owner who could no longer care for her. She has adjusted very well into our family and is a regular member of it.
She loves to go on long walks,chase squirrels and meet other dogs. She loves going for rides in the van when we take her for walks in other parts of town and along the many trails near our home. She loves the beach and takes to the water like a true Terrier. She is bold but loyal and protective of all the family members. She loves to chew on stuffed animals we buy for her and enjoys a real tough game of tug- she never gives up. She loves to sleep in in the mornings and sleeps right between us in bed. She has made our life such a joy and we are grateful and thankful she chose us as her forever family!
June 2009- this weekend will be the first year Daisy has been with us and we are celebrating with a party for her, we are baking her a cake and getting her presents! She has been attending obedience school and she has been working hard at her training, she is a good student! One whole year with us and many more to come. We are so grateful she chose us for her family.

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