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L.A. Hamilton
Province, Country:
ON, Canada
Boston Terrier
Date of Birth:
January 24, 2004
Date of Death
October 3, 2008
Not Provided
Coat Colour:
Black / White
Eye Colour:

Georgie Girl the Boston Terrier was truly a gift to all that met her.

From the time I picked her out, from a pack of 6 other pups, I knew she had a fighting spirit.

Georgie was the runt of the litter, but she was by far the rough n' tumblest of em all!!!.

When deciding which of the 5 adorable Boston Pups to add to our family, Little Georgie STOOD OUT as she was fighting ALL 5  of her brothers as we observed in amazement.  When she looked over and saw me she sat down and raised her paw up at me - saying "Pick Me, Pick Me!!".

Well I did!!!!!

She was smart as a whip and cute as a button and my husband and I  loved her with all our hearts.

Georgie was an affectionate, spunky, quick minded, funny little clown, who bounded into every situation no holds barred and greeted everyone with lots of love and kisses.

When George was 2, she suffered a stroke that resulted in a brain injury and she became blind.    The dog I knew before was no longer and Georgie was left, weak and plagued by fear agression due to her blindness, which did not allow her to be handled or touched in any way and she had lost all of her training.

For the last 2 years we worked with our wonderful vet and tried many different treatments and behavioural options to help George have a better quality of life.

She stepped up to the challenge and went from barely being able to walk to jumping and playing again, and doing here best with the limitations she now had - but the fear aggression and blindness still weighed heavy on her little soul and her nerves were very bad.

In recent months, I noticed she was deteriorating further and seemed to age significantly and was increasingly fearful and feeling stressed, frightened and withdrawn.

She was barely sleeping and was pacing all the time, so the poor little doo was exhausted and stressed.   

It crushed us not to be able to hold and cuddle and comfort and pet George, as she could not physcially be handled as she was terrified of the same.

I was feeling tremendous stress surrounding her deterioration and tried desperately to make her comfortable and feel safe.

One night when I could not sleep, I went out to her favorite place to sleep in the living room and talked to her.   I asked her if she was ready to go and she just looked at me for a few minutes  and  then calmly put her head down and feel asleep, as opposed to getting up and pacing restlessly whenever someone came into the room.  

She was saying - You know what Mommy - Im Real Tired - I think Im ready to go!!!!!!

I prayed to God to let me know the right thing to do and the next day the decision was clear in my mind - as heartbreaking as it was.

I knew I had to make the decision to let my baby girl go as her quality of life was no longer enjoyable for the poor little doo and I was now keeping her on this earth for us - not for her.

My husband and I decided it was time to end Georgies courageous journey and last week on Friday, October 3, 2008, with the care and compasion of her vet, Georgie's suffering ended.

Our Vet sededated her so that we could hold and cuddle and kiss our girl and tell her how much we loved her.    It was overwhelming as we had not been able to do this in over 2 years!!!

Georgie Girl passed peacefully and with the love and comforting of my husband and I and our fantastic vet and vet technician.

We have been heartbroken and devestated and breaking down is very common at present.

I started thinking about Georgie Girl being a gift from God and how that gift must continue giving even though her physical body is not here.

I made a Thanksgiving food donation to some local Shelters in the spirit of Georgie because she was such a sweet little animal and honouring her life through sharing and giving seems the perfect tribute.

There will be many more donations in the spirit of Georgie to both human and pet causes and although Charity has always been important to me and  to my family - it will now have something even more special attached to the act of giving !!

My heart goes out to all those grieving their the loss  of their fur and feathered family members - because our pets are our family and they are a wonderful gift to be cherished!!!!!!

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