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Lori Legge
Province, Country:
ON, Canada
Date of Birth:
Not Provided
Coat Colour:
brown & gold
Eye Colour:
slit pupil, gold

How I got my name ....by Opie (Ohpee) the Gecko
My owner found me in a pet store at the mall. I was just hangin' in the big old cage with lots of my bro's ... checking all the cricket hiding places for lunch!  I was the fastest one there and when the aquarium was opened I was first up the arm of the saleslady...from there I jumped to a lady in a long blue raincoat...she was sure surprised..but she didn't run away screaming so I decided that she probably was ok with reptiles... they put me in this little cardboard cave and for a while things were cooler, bouncier and strange...but eventually things got quiet...and the lady in the blue raincoat opened the cardboard cave and let me out...into a jungle!!  My bro's were all back at the store, but I soon decided that it was great to have all the crickets I could eat all to myself...  Once or twice a week I get mango or banana for a treat...and I have a large bathtub in my suite... I really like water. 
After I'd been in the jungle suite a while the lady decided to houseclean...I was lifted out into a smaller aquarium which I didn't like...so I promptly ran up the nearest arm...I sat on her shoulder while the work took place... She talked to me all the while asking what my name was...and how I came to be in her jungle.?  My real name remains a secret...we gecko's don't tell...but as she lifted me off her shoulder to put me in the jungle...I'm afraid I was a little worried and I peed on her hand...   She laughed out loud and said, "Oh pee!!"  and that's what she's called me ever since.
Owners Note:   I've had Opie for over a year now...and he's quiet, clean and friendly...He tolerates handling but is happiest when it's kept to a minimum.   I bought an electric rock to keep the temp in his aq. a comfortable (for him) 80 to 90 degrees F.  I feed him crickets that I buy at the petstore and purchased a calcuim and phosphorus dust that I dust the crickets with (every second feeding) so that he gets enough calcium...he also gets phosphorus from the banana and mango...he really enjoys fruit treats.  Goldies are jungle herps...they like humidity, heat and they eat live food. (crickets and meal worms)... as well as tropical fruit.
He could regenerate his tail if he lost it...and has the most interesting toe pads that allow him to walk on the screen top of his aq.  He can move like lightening when he wants to..but mostly he's laid back and cool. 

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