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How Old is My Cat – Guessing a cat’s age – Pet tip 201

When people adopt a new cat or are thinking about buying a cat they often want to know how old that cat is. If the cat is a kitten this is usually easy. The original owner should know how old the kitten was or if you bring the kitten to a veterinarian, the vet should be able to tell how old the kitten is with a reasonable degree of accuracy. If good records were kept from kitten-hood or previous adoptions, again this is an easy task. The problem occurs when you are considering getting an adult cat whose age and/or history are unknown.

Gwen Debler
Province, Country:
SK, Canada
orange tabby
Date of Birth:
april 16 2006
Coat Colour:
orange w/ white tummy &chest
Eye Colour:

my favorite sleeping spot is on my owners bed.I get really funny in the mornings,my owner calls it ripping around then time for a 'love fit'...that is when i'll roll all over and get my tummy scrubbed (can't get enough of that) I am a very shy girl when guests come calling and usually I run to my owner's bedroom and hide till they are gone,once I know someone i will come out for a visit but that takes a few visits from them.I live on a farm and my owner is scared that a coyote will get me so I am an inside cat and my favorite passtime is looking out the bedroom window and watching the farm cats and the 2 dogs. I love my food and if my sister squeaker leaves any I will eat hers too. My owner says I should be on a diet (good luck mom hehehe)

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