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Province, Country:
TX, United States
Rottie/ Chow
Date of Birth:
Date of Death
Coat Colour:
black, brown, red
Eye Colour:

    Harley "Taz" Davis  May you rest with the Lord.  Harley came into my life at a very important time. I needed him in my life.  Never really thinking, I agreed to take a pup from a coworker. Not even born yet, I told her I wanted the toughest fiestiest boy she had.

March 13th, 06, he was born.  He was said to be a Rottie, GoldenRetriever mix.   April 3rd I got him. My pride and joy,  He stuck by me through cancer and immediately after my treatment God accepted him into Doggy Heaven. There is a real D.H, I saw it in my dream, and whenever I feel I need him, I look up, and God puts him into the clouds for me to see and feel him in my presence.  May God Bless Harley with all the bones to munch on and a big gigantic woods to run around in. May you get all the steack you want, and may you be comforted by the Lords hand. Remember Harley Thizzle, when you need mami, shes here and waiting. Dont you forget that.Please.

You are the mostest in my life and will always be. Your sissy Caylee is here with me now, she loves you and we see you up there with Jesus. Remember our song? I changed it alil bit. "Mami's Harleys got to go byebye, Mamis Harleys got to go byebye,  Harleys got to go and sit with Jesus, Mami Harleys got to go byebye. Rest in peace my baby and my tears you taste will always be for you. I love you soo much, and I need you but I know you are happy with God.  Please come visit when you want, I got treats baby.  I love you



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