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Tango Waddingham

Tango Waddingham

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Glenn Waddingham
Province, Country:
ON, Canada
Date of Birth:
September 4 2004
Not Provided
Coat Colour:
Sable Pied
Eye Colour:

Hi, my name is Tango, I am the slightly bigger & older havanese on the left of the picture ( with the big eyes ), beside me on my left paw, is my best friend " Abbey ", Abbey is also born from the same Breeder, of course a couple of years later, I trained " Abbey ", ever since I 1st met her at my house, when her Humans went on Vacation for a couple of weeks, and we have been best friends, ever since, westill get together for sleepovers whenever our Humans need time away, like Vacations, since we don't like airplanes Etc.
Tango : is our spoiled, non shedding Havanese breed companion , she was a gift to us, from the same Breeder that sold us our original Havanese dog, named " Cocco " shortly after our original Havanese " Cocco ", passed away, from a very small & weak Kidney & Liver. We were overwelmed with appreciation, when we were given Tango by the Breeder
Tango, is a Sable Pied colour ( like a sheltie, only lighter ), Tango has a ton of personality, she like her backyard, she loves her walks, she likes to go to the lake ( Kemenfelt Bay ), in downtown Barrie, where she barks at all other Dogs ( friends as we call them ), Tango loves rides in the car, where she has to sit in the front of the car or truck, that is her place, she likes to sleep, she loves her 2 humans she lives with, ( she lets us live in her house ), she goes to the beauty parlour ( groomers ),every 6 weeks.
If you are interested in this Breed, PLEASE contact our Breeder below, I am sure she would appreciate the interest, and don't forget, to tell Heather or Pam, below, that Tango Waddingham, sent you to them, from this website - Pets.ca :

EMAIL Heather at:
EMAIL Pam at:


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