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How Old is My Cat – Guessing a cat’s age – Pet tip 201

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Joanne Swain
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April 11/2006
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My name is Sabrina. I am a very spoiled cat and I love attention from my owner. She feeds me the best food and I drink only bottled water. I have so many toys that I can't fit into my bed which I don't use because I sleep with my owner. My favorite spot to sleep is on top of the kitchen cabinet above our fridge. My only mishap so far was getting a mackeral hook caught in my lip-which I had to get surgically removed. My favorite snack is tuna. Since I prefer getting all the attention I don't really like visitors and I am protective. I love getting my head scratched every morning and I am full of energy. My favorite toy is my door knob hanging mouse which has a bell on it. I don't chew anything or make much of a mess. I am a 2 years old and my colour is black.

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