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Jessica Belko
Province, Country:
CT, United States
Date of Birth:
January 1, 1991
Coat Colour:
Eye Colour:

HI! My name is patches and I am an 12 year old calico. I am a very pretty cat who loves to sleep. I have been with my owner since I was one, when she rescued me from an owner who was going to put me out on the street. I thank her dearly everyday. I enjoy being my owners alarm clock, I wake her up at 5:00 a.m. because that is when I get hungry. I love to eat and my favorite canned food is the chicken fancy feast, but my owner usually makes me my food. I love treats. My favorite treat is tuna fish. I Also enjoy stealing a few licks out of my owners milk when she's not looking. My favorite time of year are holidays, like christmas. I love getting presents. I have my own stocking and everything. I also love my birthday, because everyone around the world celebrates it... It's NEW YEARS! My birthday is a blast. I get birthday presents and a cake.. I can't eat the cake, even though I try to, but I try to blow out the candles. I love my life and I hope that I am here for a long, long time.....

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