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Sick Dogs and Cats that won’t Eat – Pet Tip 252

We all know how important nutrition is to good health. Food gives us fuel for energy and allows us to do things that we usually take for granted. The same goes for animals. However, when an animal is sick, or is in the hospital, it can often be very tricky to get them to eat properly. The term “anorexia” means that an animal is inappetent, uninterested in food, and has stopped eating. It is very important to keep the calories up in a sick patient since this is the time they need them the most. Nutritionists have calculated formulas for energy requirements for different sized animals that are healthy.

judy brannan
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Lucky boy,

Not a single day goes by that your memory does not enter my mind.  I think of you when you were younger and feeling good and could see enough to round around the yard. I remember you setting in the outside water bucket when you become too warm playing fetch.  I try to forget how sick you were and how you hung on just for me.  I sometimes think of you now, up in heaven with all my other pets that went before you.  The sun is always shinning and you play ball all day.  One day I will be there too and we will play ball together for eternity.  I know you heard the last words I spoke to you, “you are the best dog in the whole world and in heaven.”  I will love you always my little bubies.  Thank you always for sending Rainbow; he help me heal and I see so much of you in him. 


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