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Sheryl Rutherford
Province, Country:
ON, Canada
Doberman/Shepherd X
Date of Birth:
March 23, 2007
Date of Death
April 1, 2008
Not Provided
Coat Colour:
Black & Tan
Eye Colour:
Light Brown

Kayvan phoned me at work and told me Tacoma was hit by a car while he was walking him...the leather part of the metal leash snapped as Tacoma lunged at another dog across the steet and at the same time a car was going by.

It was instantaneous...there was too much head trauma. He brought Tacoma in and 3 vets checked him and told me that...they said he wouldn't have felt a thing.

We are both so devastated. He had just turned a year on March 23...our happy, sweet, fun-loving, king-hearted Tacoma is with us no more. The house was so quiet last night that we couldn't sleep at all. I miss him so much and loved him to bits. We spent the morning on our 2-hour walk and then instead of him coming in the house and running around he just went and layed down on the couch looking at me, so I sat there and pet him for about 20 minutes. Kayvan said he was quiet all day and didn't really want to do anythin except be with him.

I hope he gets to see the summer grass wherever he is...we were looking forward to see him running in the green field behind our house...

Goodbye my sweet Tacoma, there is a hole in my heart...please keep that piece with you so we can meet again.

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