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Winge & Ginge

Winge & Ginge

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My Cat Escaped – Pet tip 244

In order to keep indoor cats inside the house it’s important to make sure that doors and windows are securely closed. It sounds obvious but cats are creative and very determined creatures and if there is a way for them to escape, they often will. This is especially true when cat owners (correctly) make the decision to turn their outdoor cats into indoor cats.

Windows are a favourite way for cats to escape. Make sure that all of the windows cannot be opened by your cat. If a window is left open slightly, some cats will use their paws to open it more fully. If there is no screen the cat can escape right then and there. If there is a screen, with just a bit of determination a cat might be able to break though it or slide it open. All you need to do to solve this problem is get a piece of wood and put it in the track of the window. Cut the length of wood so that when you place it in the window’s track, you can only open the window a few inches. Always make sure that your cat cannot squeeze through the opening space. Then to keep the wood in the track, screw it securely into the window frame.

Bob Freeman
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Not Provided
Date of Birth:
March 2007
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Eye Colour:

These 2 kittens were born in the hedges at the rear of a public house.. the mother had 4 kittens altogether,  The mother and 2 of the kittens vanished after 10 weeks,  So we started to feed these 2 remaning kittens in the hedges /. car park of the pub.   after another 4 weeks the kittens found there way up to our flat at the rear of the pub....   they have been unseperable untill Winge with the white front, named because he moaned for his food,   got run over 30th of January 2008..  we were so upset... not 12months old..   Ginge is now full house bound... we do let him out of course but we keep our eye on him.....   this photo was taken  a couple of weeks ago.. he is so loving.....

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