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Dogs Cats and Anesthesia – Pet tip 239

Most cats and dogs undergo some type of surgery that requires anesthesia during their lifetimes even if it is only the surgery done for spaying and neutering. Other common procedures that require anesthesia include dental cleaning or dental surgery as well as repairing broken bones. Whenever surgery is done on a pet the topic of anesthesia arises. For the purposes of this article we will be talking about general anesthesia where pets are completely unconscious. We’ve all heard about the potential risks and possible complications regarding anesthesia in our own lives, and so it makes good sense to wonder about anesthetic complications when it comes to our pets as well.

Luckily, veterinary medicine has made huge strides in reducing anesthetic complications. So long as the pet is properly monitored during the actual surgery and the pet has been carefully prescreened for possible problems, anesthesia on pets is quite safe and problems are few.

Tamara Rochon
Province, Country:
MB, Canada
Siberian Husky/Jack Russell Terrier mix
Date of Birth:
September 6, 2007
Not Provided
Coat Colour:
Eye Colour:
dark brown

Likes: toys that squeak; my chest and side of my jaw rubbed; playing with other puppies; doggie treats; stealing socks;

I can be seen on a regular basis laying on the couch chewing on a piece of rawhide or making one of my toys squeak squeak squeak!

I'm a fierce barker but my bark is more than my bite. I'm really a big suck.

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