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Kelly Renneboog-Dahmer
Niagara Falls
Province, Country:
ON, Canada
Date of Birth:
August 1, 2004
Coat Colour:
Orange Tabby
Eye Colour:

Fagan was one of four stray kittens I took in, I made a deal with my mom when I was down to 2, if she took one, I would keep the other.... thank God she took his sister.  Fagan is my little man, we have been through so much together the last couple years.   He is a trooper having over 30 vet visits in one year.  He has food and flea allergies, chews off his skin, is prone to depression, has two luxating paetellas, and now sponylosis deformans.  Despite all this and having to take holistic meds every day and get shots now and then, he is such a happy cat.  He loves the simple things, a drink out of the faucet, a tasty treat, snuggling cheek to cheek with me on the couch.  I have never once had a care about the money he costs us and am quick to remind hubby of how much he gives us in return when he does.    He has not a care in the world when he is watching his squirell friends outside or playing string, or chasing his big sister up and down the hall.  I love most that although it took years, he now comes out to meet guests and look for pets.  I love that he is always waiting for me on the bed at bedtime to get his meds and treats.  And his squeeks, they melt my heart...

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