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High Blood Pressure in Cats – Feline Hypertension – Pet tip 238

Although any cat can suffer from high blood pressure (hypertension) it is most commonly seen in middle aged or senior cats. In case we have forgotten what blood pressure means, blood pressure refers to the force (pressure) of circulating blood against the walls of blood vessels; the higher the force, the greater the amount of stress that’s put on the heart to move the blood. This can cause the heart muscles to enlarge, get thicker, and weaken thereby reducing life expectancy. It’s one of the vital signs used to measure the overall health of many animals including humans.

Karen Ma
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ON, Canada
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Not Provided
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Meow… I’m a BIG 14-pounds spoiled cat.  As per my SPCA record, I’m originated from Taiwan and my pervious owner left me at the SPCA in Hong Kong.  My mom rescued me from there on the 22nd of Oct 2006 and brought me to Toronto Canada just in Aug 2007. Ha-Ha… my new vet in T.O. was teasing my mom that may be I have more air miles points than they do as I already travel over 20 something hours across the world.
In my new home in T.O., there is an old boss named Gi-Ma (a 12-yrs Old Russian Blue)… I don’t like living with another cat and my mom is setting us on routine schedule to share the house in rotation.  Even though I don’t like it very much… but as long as I get to sleep with mom on the comfy bed… there’s no complaint!

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