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Richard, Jennifer and Ryan Day
Cole Harbour
Province, Country:
NS, Canada
Rottweiler & Black Lab
Date of Birth:
June 23, 2002
Not Provided
Coat Colour:
Black & Brown
Eye Colour:

My name is Zoe Day and I have been with my family since August 03, 2002.  I am loved so much and my family takes really good care of me.  I am now 4 1/2 years old and i'm not getting any taller, just wider... ha ha ha.  Yeah, i've put on a few pounds since the summer, waste not, want not - i'm a good eater.  I haven't been getting as much exercise, as I normally do (mom's a wimp, when it comes to cold weather), so look out summer, i'm gonna be just as foxy as ever!!).
I'm still mom's sidekick - everywhere she goes - I GO!!  Let's get this straight, I do not like being by myself as I get very lonely and sad (mom made me that way), so when mom and dad are home from work - look out - it's all about ME time and I want my hugs, kisses and cuddles.  I still play hide and seek with my brother, Ryan and my dad chases me around the house - it's the best time of all.  I love being chased.  As you can see in my picture, I have lots of toys and when i'm chased, I usually have one of them in my mouth.  Mom had to retired my supersized bunny, because with all the chewing I did on him - he looks like he's been mangled to pieces ............. ha ha ha.  Gotta love the chew toys.
I still go to nanny's house once in awhile and still love to joyride in the car - yep ears are still flapping in the wind and the tongue is lashing at each side of my face... he he he.  I still get waved and smiled at by the passerbys.  Gotta live life to it's fullest and oh did I say - I LOVE MYSELF......
Well, I will continue to update my page, so everyone can see how cute I am each and everyday to come.

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