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Annie Sunshine

Annie Sunshine

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Sick Dogs and Cats that won’t Eat – Pet Tip 252

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J Mac
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yellow lab cross
Date of Birth:
Oct. 17 2005
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I just had my 1 year adoption birthday and I love my home and my job. I am a meet and greeter for my Mom's home music-teaching business and I love to show everyone to the music room and then sleep during their lessons. I know everyone by name and I know exactly who likes to play (and who doesn't). For fun I play with my people friends Ashley, Sam and Noah, and I go hiking or to the doggie park every day. I don't like bicycles very much and I really hate my gentle leader although it's much better than getting a sore neck with the other collar. P.S. My cousins Penny, Lucy and Snoopy are also on here!

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