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jenny lim
Province, Country:
BC, Canada
Date of Birth:
adopted on 1999s.
Date of Death
Not Provided
Coat Colour:
Eye Colour:
dark brown

she was so tiny.but, she was so cute, especially her eyes was big like me. however she was weak. sometimes she was sick well.even though  before she passed away, she was good ,pretty so, now i can not believe that fact. her personily was little bit picky to people .but to me she showed too much true luv... i can not forget  these things.pet is bettet than peole's mind. i think  that  devote in their all life for their owner.before she died,  i went  emergency. my doggy  got heart problem . her heart was too big for breath. there was nothing space to breath..and finally, suddenly on july,16, 2007. abt 9:20 am, my doggy has gone to heaven. i thought that my soul mate. she was me.she was that  too precioused a part of me.. to emergency,i hoped form there, my doggy  would  be recoverd....but , finally, that day in front of my family, she passed away.she did not close her eyes and  mouth. how much poor and painful !!! but i know that she always will be live in my heart forever,they will never break faith to us. we have to learn to like that attitude..when we will meet together in there, until that time..be well. anymore without any painful. take a rest well ...in  my heart  will be  a-rom..forever.someday maybe whenever u come to me, . i will smile,again...

peace be with u,  i love so much a-rom.



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