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High Blood Pressure in Cats – Feline Hypertension – Pet tip 238

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marie mckee
Province, Country:
MI, United States
Not Provided
Date of Birth:
november 2006
Not Provided
Not Provided
Coat Colour:
blk and white
Eye Colour:

Ah Joey -  He's the most talkative little guy!  He thinks he's a human child and acts just like a kid.  I rescued him from a terrible fate when he was about 4 weeks old.  He still needed to be bottle fed.  He's growing up just fine and with the pet food scare will eat just about anything.  His fave foods are tuna and pizza.  His fave beverage is grape kool-aid.  He answers me when I call him in cat language as if he really gets what I'm saying...Definetly, he's the light in my life and everyday, I put on his harness and we go walking.  Love you Joey!

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