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Jenny johnson
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domestic short hair
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bear was my kittin he was like my son evan tho iam only 13 he was very cuddly sometimes playful my dogg loved him she always licked him i loved him so so so much he was just about one year old i was going to give him a piece of chickan to eat for his birthday his family tree reached through many many years his family had bean in ours for along time for instance my grand parents owned his great great great grandma,great great grandma,great grandma,grandma,sisters brothers and now theres a few cousins left there my anty any owns his  cousin lucky and my uncle brad owns his anty fluffy my dad owned jc bears mom my old cat who also died last year and his  4 antys and uncles but there family is huge and it all started with one cat that had a batch of five kitins than there were more and more and more and more now theres only about twenty left in the great big cat family tree I LOVE BEAR AND I MISS HIM SOOOOOOOO MUCH and i hope you guys know what iam feeling and understand me  XOXO ><                            <3 peace

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