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Sam / His Nickname Good Man Sam or Sam The Man's Tribute

Sam /    His Nickname Good Man Sam or Sam The Man

All about Sam / His Nickname Good Man Sam or Sam The Man

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Unruly dogs “My dog is crazy” – Calm your dog down – Pet tip 213

Dogs can get really rambunctious or unruly when they are at home and this is especially true of puppies and breeds with high exercise requirements. The second they see you or someone else that they want to play with, they may want to interact with you by jumping on you or running back and forth all over the house. It sure is cute when they are little baby-puppies and it sure gets annoying as they get older and the novelty wears off. Rambunctious dog behaviour can lead to broken lamps or dishes, uncontrollable running, loads of barking, jumping on you or the kids and general chaos that you will want to control.

Justin Brantley
Not Provided
Province, Country:
FL, United States
"Walker Dog" Treeing CoonHound Walker
Date of Birth:
Date of Death
Not Provided
Coat Colour:
Cream & Lemon
Eye Colour:

Dear Sam, 

We have only know you for two months, But when you found us are life changed forever in a postive way.  I don't what kind of life you have had before you found us.  But for the two months you were with us, you had a great life and a family that cared and loved you very much. I miss running around the yard with you and haveing fun,  Rest In Peace. Sam have fun in heaven running through the woods.





We will never forget you.

We can't wait to see you again one day.



Your Family 

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